Little truth for you.😍 Ab exercises actually come LAST in order of importance when it comes to getting visible abs. So if you are one of those people that spend more time crunching away - truth is that it’s probably taking valuable time away from actually burning overall calories and building overall lean muscle. 10% of my workouts are AB exercises only😳

You can build muscles in the gym, but in order to see those muscles, you have to pair training with healthy eating- there just isn’t a short cut.

I believe in Taking an approach that's realistic for your body and lifestyle, and then set your goals accordingly. Don’t be fooled into setting your sights on a six-pack only 🙏🙈 instead for example, you could aim for 1️⃣ a lower body-fat percentage or 2️⃣ a stronger core. Once that mindset is in place, look at your daily eating 🥬 habits and adjust them one at a time! You need a range of healthy carbs, fats, veggies and protein! Cut out the junk and refined foods. Do some homework - read about good clean food and sort out your meals and kitchen in advance- ⚡️ this little tip can go such a long way in helping you reach your goals! 

So reflection for today : learn correct core engagement - because If you use proper form for the entirety of your workout, and learn to engage your core the whole time, your abs will be working throughout all exercises! AND Your diet plays an important role in getting visible abs. ABS are made in both the kitchen and with a consistent resistance training program 🏋️‍♂️ You totally need a combination of the two. Now get planning 😇🤩