Are you mentally strong? Why the Pushup will get you there.

Our emotions control us, especially us ladies- and it is tempting to wait until you really ‘feel’ different to make a change in your life. But being MENTALLY STRONG is a decision. Here is why doing pushup makes me feel strong mentally and physically. Learn to do a pushup here: 

No. 1 is: BELIEVE & BEGIN!
First and foremost, it is believed that you should behave exactly like the person you wish to be. Take action first and you'll change the way you think and the way you feel. You need to believe and you need to begin.
Performing a pushup with ease in a strong, straight position requires practice. While pushups work the muscles of the body, it also works the brain. Physical challenges help you adapt and adjust to any type of situation in life. So if you cannot do one, tell yourself you will.
If it challenges you, it changes your brain. Challenging yourself to do another set of pushups forces your brain to adapt, and eventually, the pushups become easier. Overcoming physical challenges also helps your brain overcome mental challenges.
Nothing is going to happen magically. Take action and make it happen. Believe you can do it, act confidently, get rid of self-doubt and act as if you feel strong already.
Overthinking something that happened, or something I said, or predicting something that will happen next week, are a few things I battle daily. But the only time you can change your behavior is right now, so it's important to be able to focus on the here-and-now.
Mindfulness is our ability to reflect on our own moods, our actions and emotions, and to honestly accept flaws and responsibilities equally. Self-control is our ability to control inappropriate reactions that may arise from emotions, be it from physical exhaustion like too many pushups or from trying to balance multiple responsibilities at life & work.
Getting down and doing your pushups involves challenging your pre-existing mindset and expectations with every repetition. You need to focus and you need the determination to push toward your goal, even when your muscles send signals to give up to the brain. However, the more you do it, the more the body and your brain will learn, and soon you will realize that a pushup is much easier than before.
We need to bounce back. Our daily lives require us to use our bodies to PUSH – from opening or closing doors to catching ourselves if we fall. Much more than a show of strength, the ability to perform a pushup all through our lives can even help us as we age and protect us against falls.
So in addition to the strength benefits, it appears that we will have a more positive, stronger, healthier approach to life because knowing how to use strength keeps us calmer under pressure, and more productive. This shows that by mastering our exercise and nutrition, we also achieve greater resilience in our lives both at work and at play.
So, if you didn't think you could do one, or you don't think it is that important or you find yourself hating on your instructor when being asked for those irritating push-ups, just take a brief second and think what these push-ups are going to do for your body, your brain, and your life skills.